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Article 61 Authorities responsible for determination

1. Member States shall ensure that the authorities responsible for making the determinations referred to in Article 59(3) are those set out in this Article.

2. Each Member State shall designate in national law the appropriate authority which shall be responsible for making determinations pursuant to Article 59. The appropriate authority may be the competent authority or the resolution authority, in accordance with Article 32.

3. Where the relevant capital instruments, or eligible liabilities as referred to in Article 59(1a) of this Directive, are recognised for the purposes of meeting the requirement referred to in Article 45f(1) of this Directive, the authority responsible for making the determination referred to in Article 59(3) of this Directive shall be the appropriate authority of the Member State where the institution or the entity referred to in point (b), (c) or (d) of Article 1(1) of this Directive has been authorised in accordance with Title III of Directive 2013/36/EU.

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