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Article 45h Procedure for determining the minimum requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities

1. The resolution authority of the resolution entity, the group-level resolution authority, where different from the former, and the resolution authorities responsible for the subsidiaries of a resolution group that are subject to the requirement referred to in Article 45f on an individual basis shall do everything within their power to reach a joint decision on:

(a) the amount of the requirement applied at the consolidated resolution group level for each resolution entity; and

(b) the amount of the requirement applied on an individual basis to each entity of a resolution group which is not a resolution entity.

The joint decision shall ensure compliance with Articles 45e and 45f and it shall be fully reasoned and provided to:

(a) the resolution entity by its resolution authority;

(b) the entities of a resolution group which are not a resolution entity by the resolution authorities of those entities;

(c) the Union parent undertaking of the group by the resolution authority of the resolu