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Version date: 2 July 2014 - onwards
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Article 25 Right of opposition of competent authorities

1. Before providing support in accordance with a group financial support agreement, the management body of a group entity that intends to provide financial support shall notify:

(a) its competent authority;

(b) where different from authorities in points (a) and (c), where applicable, the consolidating supervisor;

(c) where different from points (a) and (b), the competent authority of the group entity receiving the financial support; and

(d) EBA.

The notification shall include the reasoned decision of the management body in accordance with Article 24 and details of the proposed financial support including a copy of the group financial support agreement.

2. Within five business days from the date of receipt of a complete notification, the competent authority of the group entity providing financial support may agree with the provision of financial support, or may prohibit or restrict it if it assesses that the conditions for group financial support laid down in Article 23 have not been m