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Article 100 Requirement to establish resolution financing arrangements

1. Member States shall establish one or more financing arrangements for the purpose of ensuring the effective application by the resolution authority of the resolution tools and powers.

Member States shall ensure that the use of the financing arrangements may be triggered by a designated public authority or authority entrusted with public administrative powers.

The financing arrangements shall be used only in accordance with the resolution objectives and the principles set out in Articles 31 and 34.

2. Member States may use the same administrative structure as their financing arrangements for the purposes of their deposit guarantee scheme.

3. Member States shall ensure that the financing arrangements have adequate financial resources.

4. For the purpose of paragraph 3, financing arrangements shall in particular have the power to:

(a) raise ex-ante contributions as referred to in Article 103 with a view to reaching the target level specified in Article 102;

(b) raise ex-post extraordina