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Version date: 2 July 2014 - onwards
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Article 76 Safeguard for counterparties in partial transfers

1. Member States shall ensure that the protections specified in paragraph 2 apply in the following circumstances:

(a) a resolution authority transfers some but not all of the assets, rights or liabilities of an institution under resolution to another entity or, in the exercise of a resolution tool, from a bridge institution or asset management vehicle to another person;

(b) a resolution authority exercises the powers specified in point (f) of Article 64(1).

2. Member States shall ensure appropriate protection of the following arrangements and of the counterparties to the following arrangements:

(a) security arrangements, under which a person has by way of security an actual or contingent interest in the assets or rights that are subject to transfer, irrespective of whether that interest is secured by specific assets or rights or by way of a floating charge or similar arrangement;

(b) title transfer financial collateral arrangements under which collateral to secure or cover the performa