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Article 45l Reports

1. EBA shall, in cooperation with the competent authorities and resolution authorities, submit annually a report to the Commission providing assessments on at least the following:

(a) how the requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities set in accordance with Article 45e or Article 45f has been implemented at national level, and in particular whether there have been divergences in the levels set for comparable entities across Member States;

(b) how the power referred to in Article 45b(4), (5) and (7) has been exercised by resolution authorities and whether there have been divergences in the exercise of that power across Member States;

(c) the aggregate level and composition of own funds and eligible liabilities of institutions and entities, the amounts of instruments issued in the period, and the additional amounts necessary to meet applicable requirements.

2. In addition to the annual report provided for in paragraph 1, EBA shall, every three years, submit a report to the Commis