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Version date: 2 July 2014 - onwards
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Article 95 Right to refuse recognition or enforcement of third-country resolution proceedings

The resolution authority, after consulting other resolution authorities, where a European resolution college is established under Article 89, may refuse to recognise or to enforce third-country resolution proceedings pursuant to Article 94(2) if it considers:

(a) that the third-country resolution proceedings would have adverse effects on financial stability in the Member State in which the resolution authority is based or that the proceedings would have adverse effects on financial stability in another Member State;

(b) that independent resolution action under Article 96 in relation to a Union branch is necessary to achieve one or more of the resolution objectives;

(c) that creditors, including in particular depositors located or payable in a Member State, would not receive the same treatment as third-country creditors and depositors with similar legal rights under the third-country home resolution proceedings;

(d) that recognition or enforcement of the third-country resolution proceed