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Article 45i Supervisory reporting and public disclosure of the requirement

1. Entities referred to in Article 1(1) that are subject to the requirement referred to in Article 45(1) shall report to their competent and resolution authorities on the following:

(a) the amounts of own funds that, where applicable, meet the conditions of point (b) of Article 45f(2) of this Directive, and the amounts of eligible liabilities, and the expression of those amounts in accordance with Article 45(2) of this Directive after any applicable deductions in accordance with Articles 72e to 72j of Regulation (EU) No 575/2013;

(b) the amounts of other bail-inable liabilities;

(c) for the items referred to in points (a) and (b):

(i) their composition, including their maturity profile,

(ii) their ranking in normal insolvency proceedings, and

(iii) whether they are governed by the laws of a third country and, if so, which third country and whether they contain the contractual terms referred to in Article 55(1) of this Directive, points (p) and (q) of Article 52(1) and points (n) and (o