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Version date: 2 July 2014 - onwards
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Article 84 Confidentiality

1. The requirements of professional secrecy shall be binding in respect of the following persons:

(a) resolution authorities;

(b) competent authorities and EBA;

(c) competent ministries;

(d) special managers or temporary administrators appointed under this Directive;

(e) potential acquirers that are contacted by the competent authorities or solicited by the resolution authorities, irrespective of whether that contact or solicitation was made as preparation for the use of the sale of business tool, and irrespective of whether the solicitation resulted in an acquisition;

(f) auditors, accountants, legal and professional advisors, valuers and other experts directly or indirectly engaged by the resolution authorities, competent authorities, competent ministries or by the potential acquirers referred to in point (e);

(g) bodies which administer deposit guarantee schemes;

(h) bodies which administer investor compensation schemes;

(i) the body in charge of the resolution financing arrangement