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Version date: 2 July 2014 - onwards
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Article 40 Bridge institution tool

1. In order to give effect to the bridge institution tool and having regard to the need to maintain critical functions in the bridge institution, Member States shall ensure that resolution authorities have the power to transfer to a bridge institution:

(a) shares or other instruments of ownership issued by one or more institutions under resolution;

(b) all or any assets, rights or liabilities of one or more institutions under resolution.

Subject to Article 85, the transfer referred to in the first subparagraph may take place without obtaining the consent of the shareholders of the institutions under resolution or any third party other than the bridge institution, and without complying with any procedural requirements under company or securities law.

2. The bridge institution shall be a legal person that meets all of the following requirements:

(a) it is wholly or partially owned by one or more public authorities which may include the resolution authority or the resolution financing ar