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Version date: 2 July 2014 - onwards
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Article 87 General principles regarding decision-making involving more than one Member State

Member States shall ensure that, when making decisions or taking action pursuant to this Directive which may have an impact in one or more other Member States, their authorities have regard to the following general principles:

(a) the imperatives of efficacy of decision-making and of keeping resolution costs as low as possible when taking resolution action;

(b) that decisions are made and action is taken in a timely manner and with due urgency when required;

(c) that resolution authorities, competent authorities and other authorities cooperate with each other to ensure that decisions are made and action is taken in a coordinated and efficient manner;

(d) that the roles and responsibilities of relevant authorities within each Member State are e defined clearly;

(e) that due consideration is given to the interests of the Member States where the Union parent undertakings are established, in particular the impact of any decision or action or inaction on the financial stability, fiscal reso