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Version date: 3 January 2017 - onwards
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Article 7 Access to a CCP

1. A CCP that has been authorised to clear OTC derivative contracts shall accept clearing such contracts on a non-discriminatory and transparent basis, including as regards collateral requirements and fees related to access, regardless of the trading venue. This in particular shall ensure that a trading venue has the right to non-discriminatory treatment in terms of how contracts traded on that trading venue are treated in terms of:

(a) collateral requirements and netting of economically equivalent contracts, where the inclusion of such contracts in the close-out and other netting procedures of a CCP based on the applicable insolvency law would not endanger the smooth and orderly functioning, the validity or enforceability of such procedures; and

(b) cross-margining with correlated contracts cleared by the same CCP under a risk model that complies with Article 41.

A CCP may require that a trading venue comply with the operational and technical requirements established by the CCP, inclu

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