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Version date: 1 January 2020 - onwards
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Article 25p Withdrawal of recognition

1. Without prejudice to Article 25q and subject to the following paragraphs, ESMA, after consulting the authorities and entities referred to in Article 25(3), shall withdraw a recognition decision adopted in accordance with Article 25 where:

(a) the CCP concerned has not made use of the recognition within six months, expressly renounces the recognition or has ceased to engage in business for more than six months;

(b) the CCP concerned has obtained the recognition through false statements or by any other irregular means;

(c) the CCP concerned has seriously and systematically infringed any of the conditions for recognition laid down in Article 25 or no longer complies with any of those conditions and in any of those situations has not taken the remedial action requested by ESMA within an appropriately set timeframe of up to a maximum of six months;

(d) ESMA is unable to exercise effectively its responsibilities under this Regulation over the CCP concerned, due to the failure of the third

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