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Version date: 1 January 2020 - onwards
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Article 17 Procedure for granting and refusing authorisation

1. The applicant CCP shall submit an application for authorisation to the competent authority of the Member State where it is established.

2. The applicant CCP shall provide all information necessary to satisfy the competent authority that the applicant CCP has established, at the time of authorisation, all the necessary arrangements to meet the requirements laid down in this Regulation. The competent authority shall immediately transmit all the information received from the applicant CCP to ESMA and the college referred to in Article 18(1).

3. Within 30 working days of receipt of the application, the competent authority shall assess whether the application is complete. Where the application is not complete, the competent authority shall set a deadline by which the applicant CCP has to provide additional information. Upon receipt of such additional information, the competent authority shall immediately transmit it to ESMA and the college established in accordance with Article 18(1). Af

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