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Article 27 Senior management and the board

1. The senior management of a CCP shall be of sufficiently good repute and shall have sufficient experience so as to ensure the sound and prudent management of the CCP.

2. A CCP shall have a board. At least one third, but no less than two, of the members of that board shall be independent. Representatives of the clients of clearing members shall be invited to board meetings for matters relevant to Articles 38 and 39. The compensation of the independent and other nonexecutive members of the board shall not be linked to the business performance of the CCP.

The members of a CCP's board, including its independent members, shall be of sufficiently good repute and shall have adequate expertise in financial services, risk management and clearing services.

3. A CCP shall clearly determine the roles and responsibilities of the board and shall make the minutes of the board meetings available to the competent authority and auditors.

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