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Version date: 17 June 2019 - onwards
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Article 62 General investigations

1. In order to carry out its duties under this Regulation, ESMA may conduct necessary investigations of persons referred to in Article 61(1). To that end, the officials and other persons authorised by ESMA shall be empowered to:

(a) examine any records, data, procedures and any other material relevant to the execution of its tasks irrespective of the medium on which they are stored;

(b) take or obtain certified copies of or extracts from such records, data, procedures and other material;

(c) summon and ask any person referred to in Article 61(1) or their representatives or staff for oral or written explanations on facts or documents relating to the subject matter and purpose of the inspection and to record the answers;

(d) interview any other natural or legal person who consents to be interviewed for the purpose of collecting information relating to the subject matter of an investigation;

(e) request records of telephone and data traffic.

2. The officials and other persons authorised b

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