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Version date: 1 January 2020 - onwards
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Article 25d Fees

1. ESMA shall charge the following fees to CCPs established in a third country in accordance with this Regulation and in accordance with the delegated act adopted pursuant to paragraph 3:

(a) fees associated with applications for recognition pursuant to Article 25;

(b) annual fees associated with ESMA's tasks in accordance with this Regulation in relation to the CCPs recognised in accordance with Article 25.

2. The fees referred to in paragraph 1 shall be proportionate to the turnover of the CCP concerned and shall cover all costs incurred by ESMA for the recognition and the performance of its tasks in accordance with this Regulation.

3. The Commission shall adopt a delegated act in accordance with Article 82 in order to specify further the following:

(a) the types of fees;

(b) the matters for which fees are due;

(c) the amount of the fees;

(d) the manner in which fees are to be paid by the following:

(i) a CCP which applies for recognition;

(ii) a recognised CCP classified as a Tier 1

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