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Version date: 1 January 2020 - onwards
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Article 35 Outsourcing

1. Where a CCP outsources operational functions, services or activities, it shall remain fully responsible for discharging all of its obligations under this Regulation and shall ensure at all times that:

(a) outsourcing does not result in the delegation of its responsibility;

(b) the relationship and obligations of the CCP towards its clearing members or, where relevant, towards their clients are not altered;

(c) the conditions for authorisation of the CCP do not effectively change;

(d) outsourcing does not prevent the exercise of supervisory and oversight functions, including on-site access to acquire any relevant information needed to fulfil those mandates;

(e) outsourcing does not result in depriving the CCP from the necessary systems and controls to manage the risks it faces;

(f) the service provider implements equivalent business continuity requirements to those that the CCP must fulfil under this Regulation;

(g) the CCP retains the necessary expertise and resources to evaluate th

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