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Version date: 1 January 2020 - onwards
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Article 21 Review and evaluation

1. Without prejudice to the role of the college, the competent authorities referred to in Article 22 shall review the arrangements, strategies, processes and mechanisms implemented by CCPs to comply with this Regulation and evaluate the risks, including at least financial and operational risks, to which CCPs are, or might be, exposed.

2. The review and evaluation referred to in paragraph 1 shall cover all the requirements on CCPs laid down in this Regulation.

3. The competent authorities shall establish the frequency and depth of the review and evaluation referred to in paragraph 1, having particular regard to the size, systemic importance, nature, scale, complexity of the activities and interconnectedness with other financial market infrastructures of the CCPs concerned. The review and evaluation shall be updated at least on an annual basis.

CCPs shall be subject to on-site inspections. Upon ESMA's request, competent authorities may invite ESMA staff to participate in on-site inspecti

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