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Article 9 Reporting obligation

1. Counterparties and CCPs shall ensure that the details of any derivative contract they have concluded and of any modification or termination of the contract are reported in accordance with paragraphs 1a to 1f of this Article to a trade repository registered in accordance with Article 55 or recognised in accordance with Article 77. The details shall be reported no later than the working day following the conclusion, modification or termination of the contract.

 The reporting obligation shall apply to derivative contracts which:

(a) were entered into before 12 February 2014 and remain outstanding on that date;

(b) were entered into on or after 12 February 2014.

Notwithstanding Article 3, the reporting obligation shall not apply to derivative contracts within the same group where at least one of the counterparties is a non-financial counterparty or would be qualified as a non-financial counterparty if it were established in the Union, provided that:

(a) both counterparties are included

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