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Annex III List of infringements referred to in Article 25j(1)

Article 25j(1)

I. Infringements relating to capital requirements:

(a) a Tier 2 CCP infringes Article 16(1) by not having a permanent and available initial capital of at least EUR 7,5 million;

(b) a Tier 2 CCP infringes Article 16(2) by not having capital, including retained earnings and reserves, which is proportionate to the risk stemming from its activities and at all times sufficient to ensure an orderly winding- down or restructuring of that activities over an appropriate time span and an adequate protection of the CCP against credit, counterparty, market, operational, legal and business risks which are not already covered by specific financial resources as referred to in Articles 41 to 44.

II. Infringements relating to organisational requirements or conflicts of interest:

(a) a Tier 2 CCP infringes Article 26(1) by not having robust governance arrangements which include a clear organisational structure with well-defined, transparent and consistent lines of responsibility, effectiv

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