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Article 45a Temporary restrictions in the case of a significant non-default event

1. In the case of a significant non-default event as defined in point (9) of Article 2 of Regulation (EU) 2021/23, the competent authority may require the CCP to refrain from any of the following actions for a period specified by the competent authority, that cannot exceed five years:

(a) making a dividend distribution or give an irrevocable commitment to make a dividend distribution, except for rights to dividends specifically referred to in Regulation (EU) 2021/23 as a form of compensation;

(b) buy-back of ordinary shares;

(c) creating an obligation to pay variable remuneration as defined by the CCP’s remuneration policy pursuant to Article 26(5) of this Regulation, discretionary pension benefits or severance packages to senior management as defined in point 29 of Article 2 of this Regulation.

The competent authority shall not restrict the CCP from undertaking any of the actions referred to in the first subparagraph, if the CCP is legally obliged to undertake that action and the ob

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