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Article 50c Reporting of information

1. For the purposes of Article 308 of Regulation (EU) No 575/2013, a CCP shall report the following information to those of its clearing members which are institutions and to their competent authorities:

(a) the hypothetical capital (KCCP);

(b) the sum of pre-funded contributions (DFCM);

(c) the amount of its pre-funded financial resources that it is required to use - by law or due to a contractual agreement with its clearing members - to cover its losses following the default of one or more of its clearing members before using the default fund contributions of the remaining clearing members (DFCCP);

(d) [deleted]

(e) [deleted]

 Where the CCP has more than one default fund, it shall report the information in the first subparagraph for each default fund separately.

2. The CCP shall notify those of its clearing members which are institutions at least quarterly or more frequently where required by the competent authorities of those clearing members.

3. EBA shall develop draft implementi

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