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Version date: 1 January 2014 - 27 June 2021
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Article 308 Own funds requirements for pre-funded contributions to the default fund of a QCCP

1. The exposure value for an institution's pre-funded contribution to the default fund of a QCCP (DFi) shall be the amount paid in or the market value of the assets delivered by that institution reduced by any amount of that contribution that the QCCP has already used to absorb its losses following the default of one or more of its clearing members.

2. An institution shall calculate the own funds requirement (Ki) to cover the exposure arising from its pre-funded contribution (DFi) as follows:

3. An institution shall calculate KCM as follows:

4. An institution shall calculate the risk weighted exposure amounts for exposures arising from an institution's pre-funded contribution for the purposes of Article 92(3) as the own funds requirement (Ki) determined in accordance with paragraph 2 multiplied by 12,5.

5. Where KCCP is equal to zero, institutions shall use the value for c1 of 0,16 % for the purpose of the calculation in paragraph 3.