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Version date: 1 January 2014 - 27 June 2021
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Article 449 Exposure to securitisation positions

Institutions calculating risk-weighted exposure amounts in accordance with Part Three, Title II, Chapter 5 or own funds requirements in accordance with Article 337 or 338 shall disclose the following information, where relevant, separately for their trading and non-trading book:

(a) a description of the institution's objectives in relation to securitisation activity;

(b) the nature of other risks including liquidity risk inherent in securitised assets;

(c) the type of risks in terms of seniority of underlying securitisation positions and in terms of assets underlying those latter securitisation positions assumed and retained with resecuritisation activity;

(d) the different roles played by the institution in the securitisation process;

(e) an indication of the extent of the institution's involvement in each of the roles referred to in point (d);

(f) a description of the processes in place to monitor changes in the credit and market risk of securitisation exposures including, how the be