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Article 449 Disclosure of exposures to securitisation positions

Institutions calculating risk-weighted exposure amounts in accordance with Chapter 5 of Title II of Part Three or own funds requirements in accordance with Article 337 or 338 shall disclose the following information separately for their trading book and non-trading book activities:

(a) a description of their securitisation and re-securitisation activities, including their risk management and investment objectives in connection with those activities, their role in securitisation and re-securitisation transactions, whether they use the simple, transparent and standardised securitisation (STS) as defined in point (10) of Article 242, and the extent to which they use securitisation transactions to transfer the credit risk of the securitised exposures to third parties with, where applicable, a separate description of their synthetic securitisation risk transfer policy;

(b) the type of risks they are exposed to in their securitisation and re-securitisation activities by level of seniority of