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Article 461 Review of the phasing-in of the liquidity coverage requirement

1. EBA shall, after consulting the ESRB, by 30 June 2016 report to the Commission on whether the phase-in of the liquidity coverage requirement as specified in Article 460(2) should be amended. Such analysis shall take due account of market and international regulatory developments as well as Union specificities.

EBA shall in its report assess in particular a deferred introduction of the 100 % minimum binding standard, until 1 January 2019. The report shall take into account the annual reports referred to in Article 509(1), relevant market data and the recommendations of all competent authorities.

2. Where necessary to address market and other developments, the Commission shall be empowered to adopt a delegated act in accordance with Article 462 to alter the phase-in specified in Article 460 and defer until 2019 the introduction of a 100 % binding minimum standard for the liquidity coverage requirement set out in Article 412(1) and to apply in 2018 a 90 % binding minimum standard for