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Version date: 1 January 2014 - 25 June 2021
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Annex I Classification of off-balance sheet items

1. Full risk:

(a) guarantees having the character of credit substitutes, (e.g. guarantees for the good payment of credit facilities);

(b) credit derivatives;

(c) acceptances;

(d) endorsements on bills not bearing the name of another institution;

(e) transactions with recourse (e.g. factoring, invoice discount facilities);

(f) irrevocable standby letters of credit having the character of credit substitutes;

(g) assets purchased under outright forward purchase agreements;

(h) forward deposits;

(i) the unpaid portion of partly-paid shares and securities;

(j) asset sale and repurchase agreements as referred to in Article 12(3) and (5) of Directive 86/635/EEC;

(k) other items also carrying full risk.

2. Medium risk:

(a) trade finance off-balance sheet items, namely documentary credits issued or confirmed (see also 'Medium/low risk');

(b) other off-balance sheet items:

(i) shipping guarantees, customs and tax bonds;

(ii) undrawn credit facilities (agreements to lend, purchase securities, pro