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Article 325ac Jump-to-default amounts for the ACTP

1. For the purposes of this Article, the following definitions apply:

(a) 'decomposition with a valuation model' means that a single name constituent of a securitisation is valued as the difference between the unconditional value of the securitisation and the conditional value of the securitisa­tion assuming that single name defaults with an LGD of 100 %;

(b) 'replication' means that the combination of individual securitisation index tranches are combined to replicate another tranche of the same index series, or to replicate an untranched position in the index series;

(c) 'decomposition' means replicating an index by a securitisation of which the underlying exposures in the pool are identical to the single name exposures that compose the index.

2. The gross JTD amounts for securitisation exposures and non-securitisation exposures in the ACTP shall be their market value or, if their market value is not available, their fair value determined in accordance with the applicable accounting