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Article 67 Deductions of holdings of own Tier 2 instruments

For the purposes of point (a) of Article 66, institutions shall calculate holdings on the basis of the gross long positions subject to the following exceptions:

(a) institutions may calculate the amount of holdings on the basis of the net long position provided that both the following conditions are met:

(i) the long and short positions are in the same underlying exposure and the short positions involve no counterparty risk;

(ii) either both the long and the short positions are held in the trading book or both are held in the non-trading book;

(b) institutions shall determine the amount to be deducted for direct, indirect and synthetic holdings of index securities by calculating the underlying exposure to own Tier 2 instruments in those indices;

(c) institutions may net gross long positions in own Tier 2 instruments resulting from holdings of index securities against short positions in own Tier 2 instruments resulting from short positions in the underlying indices, including where thos