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Version date: 1 January 2019 - onwards
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Article 407 Additional risk weight

Deleted from 1 January 2019

Where an institution does not meet the requirements in Article 405, 406 or 409 in any material respect by reason of the negligence or omission of the institution, the competent authorities shall impose a proportionate additional risk weight of no less than 250 % of the risk weight (capped at 1 250 %) which shall apply to the relevant securitisation positions in the manner specified in Article 245(6) or Article 337(3) respectively. The additional risk weight shall progressively increase with each subsequent infringement of the due diligence provisions.

The competent authorities shall take into account the exemptions for certain securitisations provided in Article 405(3) by reducing the risk weight it would otherwise impose under this Article in respect of a securitisation to which Article 405(3) applies.