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Article 289 Use test

1. Institutions shall ensure that the distribution of exposures generated by the model used to calculate Effective EPE is closely integrated into the day-to-day CCR management process of the institution, and that the output of the model is taken into account in the process of credit approval, CCR management, internal capital allocation and corporate governance.

2. The institution shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the competent authorities that it has been using a model to calculate the distribution of exposures upon which the EPE calculation is based that meets, broadly, the requirements set out in this Section for at least one year prior to permission to use the IMM by the competent authorities in accordance with Article 283.

3. The model used to generate a distribution of exposures to CCR shall be part of the CCR management framework required by Article 286. This framework shall include the measurement of usage of credit lines, aggregating CCR exposures with other credit expos