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Version date: 9 April 2021 - onwards
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Article 270 Senior positions in STS on-balance sheet securitisations

1. An originator institution may calculate the risk-weighted exposure amounts of a securitisation position in an STS on-balance sheet securitisation as referred to in Article 26a(1) of Regulation (EU) 2017/2402 in accordance with Article 260, 262 or 264 of this Regulation, as applicable, where that position meets both of the following conditions:

(a) the securitisation meets the requirements set out in Article 243(2);

(b) the position qualifies as the senior securitisation position.

2. EBA shall monitor the application of paragraph 1 in particular with regard to:

(a) the market volume and market share of STS on-balance sheet securitisations in respect of which the originator institution applies paragraph 1, across different asset classes;

(b) the observed allocation of losses to the senior tranche and to other tranches of STS on-balance sheet securitisations, where the originator institution applies paragraph 1 in respect of the senior position held in such securitisations;

(c) the imp