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Article 519a Reporting and review

By 1 January 2022, the Commission shall report to the European Parliament and the Council on the application of the provisions in Chapter 5 of Title II of Part Three in the light of developments in securitisation markets, including from a macroprudential and economic perspective. That report shall, if appropriate, be accompanied by a legislative proposal and shall, in particular, assess the following points:

(a) the impact of the hierarchy of methods set out in Article 254 and of the calculation of the risk-weighted exposure amounts of securitisation positions set out in Articles 258 to 266 on issuance and investment activity by institutions in securitisation markets in the Union;

(b) the effects on the financial stability of the Union and Member States, with a particular focus on potential immovable property market speculation and increased interconnection between financial institutions;

(c) what measures would be warranted to reduce and counter any negative effects of securitisation