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Article 284 Exposure value

1. Where an institution is permitted, in accordance with Article 283(1), to use the IMM to calculate the exposure value of some or all transactions mentioned in that paragraph, it shall measure the exposure value of those transactions at the level of the netting set.

The model used by the institution for that purpose shall:

(a) specify the forecasting distribution for changes in the market value of the netting set attributable to joint changes in relevant market variables, such as interest rates, foreign exchange rates;

(b) calculate the exposure value for the netting set at each of the future dates on the basis of the joint changes in the market variables.

2. In order for the model to capture the effects of margining, the model of the collateral value shall meet the quantitative, qualitative and data requirements for the IMM model in accordance with this Section and the institution may include in its forecasting distributions for changes in the market value of the netting set only eli