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Article 26 Common Equity Tier 1 items

1. Common Equity Tier 1 items of institutions consist of the following:

(a) capital instruments, provided that the conditions laid down in Article 28 or, where applicable, Article 29 are met;

(b) share premium accounts related to the instruments referred to in point (a);

(c) retained earnings;

(d) accumulated other comprehensive income;

(e) other reserves;

(f) funds for general banking risk.

The items referred to in points (c) to (f) shall be recognised as Common Equity Tier 1 only where they are available to the institution for unrestricted and immediate use to cover risks or losses as soon as these occur.

2. For the purposes of point (c) of paragraph 1, institutions may include interim or year-end profits in Common Equity Tier 1 capital before the institution has taken a formal decision confirming the final profit or loss of the institution for the year only with the prior permission of the competent authority. The competent authority shall grant permission where the following condit