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Version date: 1 January 2014 - onwards
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Article 339 Maturity-based calculation of general risk

1. In order to calculate own funds requirements against general risk all positions shall be weighted according to maturity as explained in paragraph 2 in order to compute the amount of own funds required against them. This requirement shall be reduced when a weighted position is held alongside an opposite weighted position within the same maturity band. A reduction in the requirement shall also be made when the opposite weighted positions fall into different maturity bands, with the size of this reduction depending both on whether the two positions fall into the same zone, or not, and on the particular zones they fall into.

2. The institution shall assign its net positions to the appropriate maturity bands in column 2 or 3, as appropriate, in Table 2 in paragraph 4. It shall do so on the basis of residual maturity in the case of fixed-rate instruments and on the basis of the period until the interest rate is next set in the case of instruments on which the interest rate is variable bef