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Article 358 Particular instruments

1. Commodity futures and forward commitments to buy or sell individual commodities shall be incorporated in the measurement system as notional amounts in terms of the standard unit of measurement and assigned a maturity with reference to expiry date.

2. Commodity swaps where one side of the transaction is a fixed price and the other the current market price shall be treated, as a series of positions equal to the notional amount of the contract, with, where relevant, one position corresponding with each payment on the swap and slotted into the maturity bands in Article 359(1). The positions shall be long positions if the institution is paying a fixed price and receiving a floating price and short positions if the institution is receiving a fixed price and paying a floating price. Commodity swaps where the sides of the transaction are in different commodities are to be reported in the relevant reporting ladder for the maturity ladder approach.

3. Options and warrants on commodities or on