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Article 429a Exposure value of derivatives

1. Institutions shall determine the exposure value of contracts listed in Annex II and of credit derivatives, including those that are off-balance sheet, in accordance with the method set out in Article 274. Institutions shall apply Article 299(2)(a) for the determination of the potential future credit exposure for credit derivatives.

When determining the potential future credit exposure of credit derivatives, institutions shall apply the principles laid down in Article 299(2)(a) to all their credit derivatives, not only those assigned to the trading book.

In determining the exposure value, institutions may take into account the effects of contracts for novation and other netting agreements in accordance with Article 295. Cross-product netting shall not apply. However, institutions may net within the product category referred to in point (25)(c) of Article 272 and credit derivatives when they are subject to a contractual cross-product netting agreement referred to in Article 295(c).