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Article 325bk Calculation of stress scenario risk measure

1. The 'stress scenario risk measure' of a given non-modellable risk factor means the loss that is incurred in all trading book positions or non-trading book positions that are subject to foreign exchange or commodity risk of the portfolio which includes that non-modellable risk factor when an extreme scenario of future shock is applied to that risk factor.

2. Institutions shall develop appropriate extreme scenarios of future shock for all non-modellable risk factors, to the satisfaction of their competent authorities.

3. EBA shall develop draft regulatory technical standards to specify:

(a) how institutions are to develop extreme scenarios of future shock applicable to non-modellable risk factors and how they are to apply those extreme scenarios of future shock to those risk factors;

(b) a regulatory extreme scenario of future shock for each broad sub-category of risk factors listed in Table 2 of Article 325bd, which institutions may use when they are unable to develop an extreme scen