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Article 113 Calculation of risk weighted exposure amounts

1. To calculate risk-weighted exposure amounts, risk weights shall be applied to all exposures, unless deducted from own funds, in accordance with the provisions of Section 2. The application of risk weights shall be based on the exposure class to which the exposure is assigned and, to the extent specified in Section 2, its credit quality. Credit quality may be determined by reference to the credit assessments of ECAIs or the credit assessments of Export Credit Agencies in accordance with Section 3.

2. For the purposes of applying a risk weight, as referred to in paragraph 1, the exposure value shall be multiplied by the risk weight specified or determined in accordance with Section 2.

3. Where an exposure is subject to credit protection the risk weight applicable to that item may be amended in accordance with Chapter 4.

4. Risk-weighted exposure amounts for securitised exposures shall be calculated in accordance with Chapter 5.

5. Exposures for which no calculation is provided in Sect