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Article 198 Additional eligibility of collateral under the Financial Collateral Comprehensive Method

1. In addition to the collateral established in Article 197, where an institution uses the Financial Collateral Comprehensive Method set out in Article 223, that institution may use the following items as eligible collateral:

(a) equities or convertible bonds not included in a main index but traded on a recognised exchange;

(b) units or shares in CIUs where both the following conditions are met:

(i) the units or shares have a daily public price quote;

(ii) the CIU is limited to investing in instruments that are eligible for recognition under Article 197(1) and (4) and the items mentioned in point (a) of this subparagraph.

In the case a CIU invests in units or shares of another CIU, conditions (a) and (b) of this paragraph equally apply to any such underlying CIU.

The use by a CIU of derivative instruments to hedge permitted investments shall not prevent units or shares in that underĀ­taking from being eligible as collateral.

2. Where the CIU or any underlying CIU are not limited to inv