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Article 507 Large exposures

1. EBA shall monitor the use of exemptions set out in point (b) of Article 390(6), points (f) to (m) of Article 400(1), point (a) and points (c) to (g), (i), (j) and (k) of Article 400(2) and by 28 June 2021 submit a report to the Commission assessing the quantitative impact that the removal of those exemptions or the setting of a limit on their use would have. That report shall assess, in particular, for each exemption provided for in those Articles:

(a) the number of large exposures exempted in each Member State;

(b) the number of institutions that make use of the exemption in each Member State;

(c)the aggregate amount of exposures exempted in each Member State.

2. By 31 December 2023, the Commission shall submit a report to the European Parliament and to the Council on the application of the derogations referred to in Articles 390(4) and 401(2) concerning the methods for the calculation of exposure value of securities financing transactions, and in particular the need to take accoun