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Version date: 1 January 2019 - onwards
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Article 406 Due diligence

Deleted from 1 January 2019

1. Before becoming exposed to the risks of a securitisation, and as appropriate thereafter, institutions shall be able to demonstrate to the competent authorities for each of their individual securitisation positions, that they have a comprehensive and thorough understanding of and have implemented formal policies and procedures appropriate to their trading book and non-trading book and commensurate with the risk profile of their investments in securitised positions for analysing and recording:

(a) information disclosed under Article 405(1), by originators, sponsors or original lenders to specify the net economic interest that they maintain, on an ongoing basis, in the securitisation;

(b) the risk characteristics of the individual securitisation position;

(c) the risk characteristics of the exposures underlying the securitisation position;

(d) the reputation and loss experience in earlier securitisations of the originators or sponsors in the relevant exposure classes underlying th