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Version date: 28 December 2020 - 25 June 2021
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Article 11 General treatment

1. Parent institutions in a Member State shall comply, to the extent and in the manner set out in Article 18, with the obligations laid down in Parts Two, Three, Four, Seven and Seven A on the basis of their consolidated situation, with the exception of point (d) of Article 430(1). The parent undertakings and their subsidiaries that are subject to this Regulation shall set up a proper organisational structure and appropriate internal control mechanisms in order to ensure that the data required for consolidation are duly processed and forwarded. In particular, they shall ensure that subsidiaries not subject to this Regulation implement arrangements, processes and mechanisms to ensure a proper consolidation.

2. For the purpose of ensuring that the requirements of this Regulation are applied on a consolidated basis, the terms 'institution', 'parent institution in a Member State', 'EU parent institution' and 'parent und