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Article 222 Financial Collateral Simple Method

1. Institutions may use the Financial Collateral Simple Method only where they calculate risk-weighted exposure amounts under the Standardised Approach. Institution shall not use both the Financial Collateral Simple Method and the Financial Collateral Comprehensive Method, except for the purposes of Articles 148(1) and 150(1). Institutions shall not use this exception selectively with the purpose of achieving reduced own funds requirements or with the purpose of conducting regulatory arbitrage.

2. Under the Financial Collateral Simple Method institutions shall assign to eligible financial collateral a value equal to its market value as determined in accordance with point (d) of Article 207(4).

3. Institutions shall assign to those portions of exposure values that are collateralised by the market value of eligible collateral the risk weight that they would assign under Chapter 2 where the lending institution had a direct exposure to the collateral instrument. For this purpose, the expos