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Version date: 27 June 2019 - 27 June 2021
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Article 419 Currencies with constraints on the availability of liquid assets

1. EBA shall assess the availability for institutions of the liquid assets referred to in point (b) of Article 416(1) in the currencies that are relevant for institutions established in the Union.

2. Where the justified needs for liquid assets in light of the requirement in Article 412 are exceeding the availability of those liquid assets in a currency, one or more of the following derogations shall apply:

(a) by way of derogation from point (f) of Article 417, the denomination of the liquid assets may be inconsistent with the distribution by currency of liquidity outflows after the deduction of inflows;

(b) for currencies of a Member State or third countries, required liquid assets may be substituted by credit lines from the central bank of that Member State or third country, which are contractually irrevocably committed for the next 30 days and are fairly priced, independent of the amount currently drawn, provided that the competent authorities of that Member State or third country d