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Article 54 Write down or conversion of Additional Tier 1 instruments

1. For the purposes of point (n) of Article 52(1), the following provisions shall apply to Additional Tier 1 instruments:

(a) a trigger event occurs when the Common Equity Tier 1 capital ratio of the institution referred to in point (a) of Article 92(1) falls below either of the following:

(i) 5,125 %;

(ii) a level higher than 5,125 %, where determined by the institution and specified in the provisions governing the instrument;

(b) institutions may specify in the provisions governing the instrument one or more trigger events in addition to that referred to in point (a);

(c) where the provisions governing the instruments require them to be converted into Common Equity Tier 1 instruments upon the occurrence of a trigger event, those provisions shall specify either of the following:

(i) the rate of such conversion and a limit on the permitted amount of conversion;

(ii) a range within which the instruments will convert into Common Equity Tier 1 instruments;

(d) where the provisions governi