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Article 444 Disclosure of the use of the Standardised Approach

Institutions calculating their risk-weighted exposure amounts in accordance with Chapter 2 of Title II of Part Three shall disclose the following information for each of the exposure classes set out in Article 112:

(a) the names of the nominated ECAIs and ECAs and the reasons for any changes in those nominations over the disclosure period;

(b) the exposure classes for which each ECAI or ECA is used;

(c) a description of the process used to transfer the issuer and issue credit ratings onto items not included in the trading book;

(d) the association of the external rating of each nominated ECAI or ECA with the risk weights that correspond to the credit quality steps as set out in Chapter 2 of Title II of Part Three, taking into account that it is not necessary to disclose that information where the institutions comply with the standard association published by EBA;

(e) the exposure values and the exposure values after credit risk mitigation associated with each credit quality step as set