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Version date: 27 June 2019 - 27 June 2021
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Article 6 General principles

1. Institutions shall comply with the obligations laid down in Parts Two to Five and Eight on an individual basis.

1a. By way of derogation from paragraph 1 of this Article, only institutions identified as resolution entities that are also G-SIIs or that are part of a G-SII, and that do not have subsidiaries shall comply with the requirement laid down in Article 92a on an individual basis.

Material subsidiaries of a non-EU G-SII shall comply with Article 92b on an individual basis, where they meet all the following conditions:

(a) they are not resolution entities;

(b) they do not have subsidiaries;

(c) they are not the subsidiaries of an EU parent institution.

2. No institution which is either a subsidiary in the Member State where it is authorised and supervised, or a parent undertaking, and no institution included in the consolidation pursuant to Article 18, shall not be required to comply with the obligations lai