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Article 323 Impact of insurance and other risk transfer mechanisms

1. The competent authorities shall permit institutions to recognise the impact of insurance subject to the conditions set out in paragraphs 2 to 5 and other risk transfer mechanisms where the institution can demonstrate that a noticeable risk mitigating effect is achieved.

2. The insurance provider shall be authorised to provide insurance or re-insurance and shall have a minimum claims paying ability rating by an ECAI which has been determined by EBA to be associated with credit quality step 3 or above under the rules for the risk weighting of exposures to institutions under Title II, Chapter 2.

3. The insurance and the institutions' insurance framework shall meet all the following conditions:

(a) the insurance policy has an initial term of no less than one year. For policies with a residual term of less than one year, an institution shall make appropriate haircuts reflecting the declining residual term of the policy, up to a full 100 % haircut for policies with a residual term of 90 d